Where Borrowers Keen to Build Businesses Meet Investors Keen to Do Business.

Your Murabaha Moment
We believe Money is a means to an end.
We discovered that some ends required a new kind of financing.
It didn't exist, so we created it.
We did it so businesses and investors can feel rewarded morally and financially.
We are Murabaha Club

This is where borrowers and investors can come together to benefit from each other. Where potentially rewarding partnerships are forged, based on honesty and integrity. Where ethical investors can make a difference as well as a potential profit. Where businesses may be able to quickly and easily acquire the capital they need to fund growth. This is the Murabaha Club. And this is your Murabaha moment.

The financial 'establishment' has grown out of touch with investors and borrowers. We need to change things. Create new opportunities. It's time to deliver control back into the hands of investors and borrowers and introduce a stronger sense of relevance, fairness and transparency - both in the pricing of loans for borrowers and in the potential return for investors.

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